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ID: 1076
Full name: Nataliya Grigor
Height: 170cm~5ft 6''
Weight: 56kg~123.2lbs
Age: 35 y.o.

ID: 1128
Full name: Irina Nakorykova
Height: 165cm~5ft 5''
Weight: 60kg~132lbs
Age: 31 y.o.

ID: 1131
Full name: Elena Scherbakova
Height: 165cm~5ft 5''
Weight: 58kg~127.6lbs
Age: 29 y.o.

ID: 1151
Full name: Anna Zelenina
Height: 175cm~5ft 8''
Weight: 50kg~110lbs
Age: 33 y.o.

ID: 1162
Full name: Marta Bondarenko
Height: 170cm~5ft 6''
Weight: 56kg~123.2lbs
Age: 30 y.o.

ID: 1172
Full name: Juliya Malakhova
Height: 160cm~5ft 3''
Weight: 60kg~132lbs
Age: 33 y.o.

ID: 1173
Full name: Evgeniya Dorofeeva
Height: 170cm~5ft 6''
Weight: 59kg~129.8lbs
Age: 28 y.o.

ID: 1332
Full name: Inna Didour
Height: 163cm~5ft 4''
Weight: 58kg~127.6lbs
Age: 29 y.o.

ID: 1338
Full name: Roksana Tonoan
Height: 160cm~5ft 3''
Weight: 57kg~125.4lbs
Age: 26 y.o.

ID: 1359
Full name: Anna Teovaya
Height: 158cm~5ft 2''
Weight: 50kg~110lbs
Age: 35 y.o.

ID: 1363
Full name: Eugenia Bondar
Height: 162cm~5ft 4''
Weight: 53kg~116.6lbs
Age: 34 y.o.

ID: 1364
Full name: Natalia Gonchar
Height: 156cm~5ft 2''
Weight: 47kg~103.4lbs
Age: 33 y.o.
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