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Internet Dating scam is very common and widespread fraud. If you are either corresponding with Ukrainian woman, already met her or she is to become your bride... but you have some doubts. You are in a right place to find out the truth, save your money and not to get scammed. We use our rich experience from online dating/marriage business. Ukraine dating scam.   Telephone contacts are requested by e-mail
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Ukraine brides scam

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Ukraine dating scam investigation

    You have been previously scammed? Sad experience has made you more careful and concerned looking for your Ukrainian bride? Or you are just suspicious with your woman, you have some certain doubts about her actions, attitude towards you? You are not the only one, dating scams and fraud happen, and happen a lot. Men make standard mistakes when choosing, corresponding, meeting women. Why not feel more secure, get all your doubts cleared and avoid mistakes?

We have been working in online marriage agency business for more than 10 years and have precious experience that we want to share with you. We know ALL about Ukrainian women, about their culture and mentality, what they really want and how they think. In real practise we have seen the womens' and agencies scam, their methods and tricks used. It is difficult nowadays to find genuine life partner and our goal is to make your search more successful and smooth. We at offer you private investigation, scam/fraud analyzing, mutual interest advicing services for your Ukrainian woman, we will save your money and time.

How we can help you?

- We can make a criminal record check on the person you request.

- Make correspondence, letters, profile analisis. Based on what she writes, on what you say - we will make complex research.

- If you know her contact details, we can speak with her, asking specific questions, to see if there is mutual interest, what she thinks about you and so on. Provide you with report, personal impression and our judgement.

- If you have her home address, but do not have telephone number. We can try to complete a database lookup or visit her at her address. Even our short conversation with her would give you valuable knowledge and facts.

Basic Scam examples

- asking for money in correspondence. Simple rule - do not send money before you see her. Normally Ukrainian woman wouldn't be asking for money, even for critical reason, if you haven't seen each other in person yet.

- money transfer tricks. Very common fraud when the woman that you know is trying to convince you that someone else got the Money transfer (Western Union, Money Gram, etc.) instead of her, emphasizing that the MTCN was exposed to someone. MTCN is actually not the most important detail to receive the transfer, the passport and physical presence of the person, to whom the transfer was intended, is is #1 requirement. It is possible to get the money without MTCN but not possible without passport and physical presense. Apply for investigation with the transfer company if happened.

- private interpreter use. When woman is very keen on using her private interpreter even when going to theater, beach, cinema or simply staying together for many hours with interpreter. Those are usual cases when woman shares money with interpreter for his "work". Even your woman speaks very basic language, and it is hard for communication, she would try her best, if she likes being with you. In normal practise translation services are required for maximum 2-2.5 hours to discuss most important and serious topics. There are very many dishonest interpreters in the business and this happens very often especially the if interpreter is also female and friend of hers. Taking you to very expensive restaurants, making you pay for her taxi double and triple the price are also common scam scenarios.

- travel arrangements it is prefereable not to send her money for airplane tickets before she actually gets visa. All the travel tickets arrangemnt should be done by yourself. Ordering through your travel agent is cheaper than ordering in Ukraine, at first just book the tickets and send her booking page to show in the Embassy. Only she actually receives her visa (and shows to you) you can purchase your booking Other important note: do not invite the woamn whom you never met. This can be risky. It is much easier for you to travel here.

- agency fraud most dating agencies for Russian/Ukrainian women services in Internet are cheating or using fraudelent methods. To operate honest marriage agency is very hard job, when seeing tens and hundreds of them in one Ukrainian city, it is easy to guess that they are looking for easy money.
Group Tours is the worst method you can use to find the Ukrainian bride. Most women are obliged to go there, many "professionals" go there, very few serious women not attend those tours. It is more for fun than trying to find serious partner.
Agencies often use the profiles of women who do not even guess to be in that agency, thus agency making money on correspondence, fake presents and so on.
Do not always trust black list sites, they sometimes try to promote scammer sites and giving false information. Try to prove this information on other sites too.

Useful advices

- be more reasonable with age difference when looking for serious relations. 15-20 years age difference is usually great maximum. It is false opinion that all women in Ukraine accept any age difference. When you are 60 and writing to 25 year old girl, she tells you that she likes you and wants to get married right away, this is in most cases not true or likes for some "other reasons". Do not expose yourself to scam, be more reasonable.

- Women exposing their bodies, bikini or nude photos... And you look for serious woman for marriage. You think those women are seriously looking for marriage? No normal serious woman would do that. Communicating with those women you expose yourself to risk of scam.

- When corresponding with someone, look for exact details in her letter, for dates, names, facts. If you do not find that in all her letters, it is probably agency writing letters for her.

Rates & services

Feel free to contact us concerning your case, we would take a closer look at it, try to provide you with useful advise. We will tell you how we can help.


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